Plants of strawberries and raspberries

Plants of strawberries and raspberries

Plants of strawberries and raspberries

Plants of strawberries and raspberries

The Kąccy plant nursery is located in central Poland near Wieluń.

It specializes in the production of seedlings of raspberry and strawberry plants. In 2016, crop areas have exceeded 30 hectares.

Fruit production is based on raspberries in the period from mid-June to the end of October.

In addition, we sell Saskatoon plants and fruit (lat. Amelanchier Alnifolia) in varieties: PRINCE WILLIAM, SMOKY, MARTIN, THIESSEN, HONEYWOOD, PEMBINA, and NORTHLINE.

Our seedlings are valued by customers in Poland and abroad, among others: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, the Balkan countries, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Germany.

The Kąccy plant nursery cooperates with the Polish Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice and its Fruit Experiment Station in Brzezna, Prusy and Nowy Dwór.

We hold licenses to propagate many interesting and promising varieties of strawberries: HOKENT, GRANDAROSA (HIT), MARDUK, MARKAT, ELKAT, PINK ROSA, PANON.

We also produce strawberry varieties: HONEOYE, ELSANTA, POLKA, and KENT.

We hold licenses for seedling propagation of raspberry varieties: RADZIEJOWA, LASZKA, SOKOLICA, BENEFIS, POLESIE, POLKA, and POLANA.

We also produce seedlings of raspberry varieties: MEEKER and TULAMEEN.


We cooperate with foreign companies. We are, among others, an authorized distributor of the Italian company Geoplant Vivai and offer its products, such as strawberry varieties ALBA ROXANA and ASIA.

We look forward to cooperate with companies interested both in seedlings and fruit.

We recommend high quality Polish raspberries.


Shipping and transport organized by the recipient.

Pre-order; signed a contract for export.

Advance payment of 25% of the contract value.

Full payment: 10 days before shipping.

Bills may be issued in EUR and USD.


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Tomasz Kącki
Gospodarstwo Rolne
Kwalifikowana Szkółka Roślin Jagodowych
Krzyworzeka 16, 98-345 Mokrsko


raspberry Sokolica

raspberry Sokolica